“Soy El Pancho”

It was just 10 hours after landing back in Tampa that the alarm went off again.  “Wake up, Man Child.”  Mexico here we come!

With every trip we take, traveling becomes easier and easier.  It helps that Tampa International Airport is so efficient to navigate.  It took exactly 23 minutes from the time we locked our front door, until the time we were seated outside our gate at the airport.  TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry were life savers on this trip!

As we waited at our gate, the Man Child spotted someone he knew.  Typical.  (If he doesn’t know someone everywhere we go, he has to make a new friend):

The Man Child: “I’m going to go say, ‘hi.'”

Me:  “Do you really need to harass someone prior to 6am… (but the Man Child was already deep in conversation).

While he used his gift of gab, I spent some time reading a book and napping.  We did have a long layover in Houston before heading on to Puerto Vallarta.  I wanted to be rested when we finally arrived!

While in Puerto Vallarta, we were staying at The Hard Rock, all-inclusive resort.  Having just come from Atlantis, The Hard Rock seemed so small in comparison, but also much more intimate.  I would definitely recommend this property to anyone heading to Puerto Vallarta!

On the first day, we spent the afternoon in the pool and by the swim up bar.  The resort than hosted a Mexican beach party, where we had live music, entertainment, and the best tacos!  Plus, you couldn’t beat the setting for the party!

After a couple margaritas, the Man Child ended up on stage entertaining the crowd.  I’ve shared a little video clip below (see link titled “Soy el Pancho”).  The sound quality isn’t very good, but you get the gist.  Essentially, the Man Child was supposed to re-enact a skit where he played the role of “El Pancho.”  The best “El Pancho” won the competition.  It was just an excuse to get some tourists on stage acting ridiculously and drinking tequila.  The Man Child enjoyed himself too much.  And, for the rest of the weekend, people on the resort referred to him as “El Pancho.”

“Soy el Pancho”

On our second day, the bride and groom planned a “dia de los muertos” themed luncheon followed by what we thought was a tequila tasting in Puerto Vallarta.  The luncheon was fantastic.  Again, the hotel provided the perfect back drop.

Knowing that we had a tequila tasting that evening, the Man Child and I ate quite a bit at lunch.  We wanted to make sure we didn’t hit the tequila tasting on an empty stomach! For the tour, our entire group was taken by bus to downtown Puerto Vallarta.  There, we met our tour guides, broke into small groups, and began our adventure.  We began our tour with a stop at two different, local taco stands.  Of course, the tacos were amazing!  For our third stop, we hit a local restaurant which served us some amazing seafood enchilada dish.  At this point, I can barely eat any more food!!  Though, I still haven’t seen any tequila.  Between the luncheon and the taco stands, I thought my stomach might explode!  But, no worries!  We only had one more food stop.  OMG.  Here, we had some incredible marlin fish dip.  I don’t remember what else was served because I could barely put another bite in my mouth.  When I looked over at the Man Child, he was sweating profusely, and he looked like he was about 7 months pregnant.  Though that didn’t stop him from eating at least two more tacos!

We ended our food tour at a cool, little tequila bar which specialized in various kinds of handmade margaritas.  As someone who is really picky about margaritas, I can honestly say these were fantastic!

We spent our last night in Puerto Vallarta celebrating the marriage of our friends.  It was such a beautiful place for a wedding!  Here are just a few of my photos from the weekend:

On Sunday, we packed up our stuff and headed home.  When we arrived in Denver, I was so thankful that the Man Child and I got Global Entry.  We were through customs and immigration in less than 2 minutes, while some of our friends waited for close to an hour.  If you travel out of the country at all, Global Entry is absolutely worth it!  We even got Global Entry for free as a perk through my American Express Platinum card.

Before I leave you all, I just wanted to add a little bit about the Hard Rock in Puerto Vallarta.  One of the best things about the resort was the staff!  They went above and beyond to make our stay memorable, comfortable, and fun.  We even left with a few new friends!  I hope to return the favor if any of them ever make it to Florida!

UP NEXT: A 10.5 hour road trip (with the dogs) leading up to a week long stay in a cabin in TN with the Man Child’s family.  This is bound to lead to some great stories.  I can’t wait!


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