Moving and Such

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately.  Not because my life has been boring, but because I’ve been in the middle of a move.  The Man Child and I finally took the plunge and decided to move downtown.  We’ve been talking about moving for a while, but we finally did it.  And, now I remember why we haven’t moved in so long.  Moving is such a pain!!  But, it’s done.  It’s only been a few weeks in the new place, and we LOVE being able to walk everywhere!

The timing of the move was pretty bad too.  We closed on the new house in the afternoon on April 28.  We left for the Bahamas in the morning on April 29 and returned May 3, only to turn around and fly to Mexico on May 4 for a wedding.  So, things have been a little crazy!  More on each of those trips in upcoming blog posts!

Besides the Bahamas and Mexico, we also took a couple, quick weekend trips in the past two months.  The first one, and one of my favorite, annual trips, was a one night trip to Disney to “eat and drink around the world” at EPCOT.  As annual passholders, the Man Child and I love heading to Disney every opportunity we get.  EPCOT is one of my favorite parks as I love the different food and art festivals which they host throughout the year.  At the end of March, we got a group of friends together to head over for the new Festival of the Arts.  As always, it was a great time!  The champagne didn’t hurt either.

Besides our weekend at Disney, we took a long weekend to head to Fort Lauderdale for some work, and we arranged it so that we could hit Tortuga Musical Festival while we were there.  This is the 2nd year in a row that we’ve gone to Tortuga Musical Festival, and it was a blast!  We’re hoping to make it back again next year.  The first time we went, neither myself nor the Man Child listened to any country music.  We still had an incredible time listening to live music and hanging out on the beach all weekend.  Ever since the concert, I’ve been on a country music kick.  If you’re interested in joining us next year, let me know!  It’s such a fun weekend!



Besides all that, we’ve been working quite a bit and planning our upcoming trips.  We recently joined a travel club, and we’re getting amazing deals on vacations!  I plan to use that club quite a bit over the next year.  I believe that you should travel while you can.  You might not get the opportunity in the future!  People always ask when we have time to work.  The truth is, when we’re home, we’re ALWAYS working.  It’s why we like to get away.  And, we also do some work on our trips.  The Man Child is most productive on a plane because he can get his work done without interruptions!  When he’s in the office, there’s always some sort of distraction.  Some people might call that ADHD.  For me, it’s just a part of living with Jim Jenkins!


I carried the Man Child on my shoulders so that he could get a better view of Kenny Chesney.

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