St. Patty’s Day Weekend in Boston!

What do you do when you realize you have free airline vouchers that are about to expire?  You book a last minute trip to Boston over St. Patrick’s Day!  With a large Irish population, plenty of Irish pubs, and a St. Patty’s Day parade, Boston is the perfect place to celebrate!

In all seriousness, we planned to use the vouchers to visit the Man Child’s grandparents and family in Massachusetts.  It just so happened that our calendar and the airlines availability sent us to Boston over St. Patrick’s Day.  Either way, I’m not complaining!  Who wouldn’t want a (practically) free trip?!

As always, flying in and out of Tampa couldn’t have been easier.  We left our Friday morning meeting at 8:30am, and we are at the airport, through security, and sitting at the gate by 9:12am.  Making it in plenty of time before our 10:30am flight.  Seriously, if you live in the Tampa Bay area, and you don’t take advantage of how easy it is to travel out of Tampa International Airport, you are totally missing out!

We landed in Boston just after 1pm.  The weather was brisk, but beautiful.  Not a cloud in the sky, 30 degrees, snow still 0n the ground.  Super cold for us Florida peeps, but we were prepared!

Just a short, $10 Uber ride and we arrived at the Hilton Downtown Faneuil Hall by 1:30pm.  Even though we were early, our room was ready…and as an elite member, I received an upgrade to a corner room.  Perfect!  Not that we spend any time in the room.  We immediately dropped off our stuff, bundled up in our winter gear, and headed out for an adventure.


We walked outside of Faneuil Hall area and towards the Seaport to try and get away from the lines and crowds.  Along the way, we found a great Irish pub and even stopped in Harpoon Brewery’s Beer Hall for some tasters and giant pretzels.  Of course, we were only at Harpoon for about 5 minutes when the Man Child made friends with a young attorney  sitting next to us, who also happened to be from Florida.  When I say “young,” she was 10 years younger than the Man Child.  He loved telling her stories about his experiences as an attorney and giving her some advice for her career.  Just saying that makes me feel old!

When we got back to Faneuil Hall area later that evening, we attempted to find a place with live, Irish music.  There were plenty of them around.  But, the lines to get in were around the block at each place.  And, it was cold outside.  And, we were the oldest people in line.  At that point, we decided to skip the green beer and head to a nice dinner instead.

The following morning we made the trip to Plymouth to visit the Man Child’s family.  I love this area of Massachusetts.  It’s quaint, with such a rich history.  We had dinner at a restaurant occupying this beautiful, old farmhouse which was built in the 1780s.  Such a cool place!

We spent most of our time in Plymouth relaxing and catching up with family.  It was a great visit.  I wish we had more time to spend there.  We’ll just have to plan another trip soon.

We arrived back in Boston just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade!  This is a huge event for the local community!  For those from Tampa, it is a lot like our Gasparilla Parade.    We thought about going, but it was really cold (for us Florida people), and we weren’t sure we wanted to brave the crowds.  So, we stopped into an Irish Pub for lunch (since the Man Child never got to hear his live, Irish music on Friday).  Surprisingly, the Man Child made a new friend from Toronto within 5 minutes of being in the pub (this is definitely a theme with our travels).  After finishing our lunch, we received an invitation to a parade house party.  This would be an authentic, South Boston St. Patty’s Day tradition, and we wouldn’t have to worry about standing out in the cold.  We couldn’t miss out!  And, neither could our new friend.  We had to invite him to join us!   Unfortunately, the city shortened the parade route because of weather, so we never actually saw the parade.  But, we had the best day meeting new people and getting the true Southie experience!!  We are both so grateful for that amazing opportunity!


The Man Child made a new friend and so did I!

All in all it was another amazing trip even though it was a quick trip.  With that one behind us, we are already planning for our next trips!  If only I could find a way to get paid to go on vacations…



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