Harvest Caye, Belize – aka “Fake Belize”

On the 4th day of the trip, we landed in Harvest Caye, Belize.  Harvest Caye is off the coast of Belize and owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines (hence, the Man Child called it “Fake Belize”).  Norwegian only recently opened it to tourists.  The island was beautiful and well-maintained.  It had an awesome beach area, unique, over-water zip line, swim up bar, and Jimmy Buffet’s Landshark grill on site.  Totally touristy, but a fun way to spend the day.

As soon as we stepped onto the island, a stand serving real coconuts caught my eye.  You could order a plan coconut (still filled with coconut water) for $5, OR, you could order a “Party Coconut” for $10.  For the party coconut, the locals would cut open a coconut and hand it to you to drink the coconut water down some.  Then, they filled the coconut with local rum.   After you finished your rum, they would cut up the coconut meat for you to eat.  It was ridiculously, delicious!

We spent the majority of the day relaxing in the pool before heading back to the boat.  We wanted to make sure to get some rest before that evening’s 80s party.  Being the total planner that he is, Dan knew the ship would likely have an 80s themed night.  So, he warned us all in advance to come prepared.  Our group definitely brought the party!  This was just another incredibly fun night with good friends!

Of course, the Man Child had to be different.  When he heard 80s party, he thought Dan said “in your 80s” party…


UP NEXT – Cozumel (teaser – the Man Child competes in a dance contest).

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