Cozumel – or what we remember of it anyway

For our 3rd port of call, we docked in Cozumel.  Having lived in Mexico and been on a few different cruises, the Man Child and I had been to Cozumel on numerous occasions.  For that reason, we chose to skip the excursions and do the real touristy thing…spend the afternoon at Senior Frogs.

We started by each ordering a margarita, which came out in a giant mug…and they certainly didn’t skimp on tequila!  This adventure included balloon animal hats, a conga line, and salsa dance lessons.  At some point in the afternoon, we convinced the Man Child to get a fake, butterfly tattoo on his lower back.  And, soon after, he volunteered for and won (tied with our friend, Roger) a dance competition.  His prize for winning the dance contest?  Another free drink.  Not that he needed a free drink.  Enjoy some of the photos from the day below.


There is a video of the dance contest.  His dancing “skills” are something else.  I promised the Man Child to keep it private.  I could be bribed though.  😉

UP NEXT – Costa Maya!

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