Port of Call #1 – Roatán, Honduras

On the third day of the cruise, we woke up at the port of Roatán, Honduras.  It was incredibly beautiful.  The majority of our group planned to meet for a snorkeling excursion on board the Jolly Roger Catamaran.  However, before that began, we had some time to kill.  We spent some time exploring the port area, checking out the shops, and trying some of the local drinks.  The Man Child could not pass up the opportunity to get a fish pedicure.  I skipped out on that one.  You’ll have to ask him his thoughts.  Though, I think he enjoyed it…

Just before noon, the group met for our excursion.  It could not have been a more beautiful day for snorkeling.  We had incredible visibility both above and below the water.

We ended our snorkeling trip with lunch, rum punch, and dancing on the catamaran before we went back to the cruise ship.

I really wish we had more time to explore here.  I loved this little island, and I hope to travel back there someday.

UP NEXT:  Harvest Caye, Belize

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