Dan’s Birthday “Gruise” – #gayforthestay

Where do I even begin with one?!  A few weeks ago, the Man Child and I accompanied a group of almost 45 people on a week-long, celebratory cruise for our friend, Dan’s, 40th birthday, and we had the BEST time.  The planning for this event began back in April, when Dan sent out the details for a 7 day cruise in the Western Caribbean on the Norwegian Getaway.  The Man Child and I quickly cleared our calendar and rearranged a few trips.  We had to make this happen!

Dan has to be the most organized person I have ever met.  He planned this incredible trip for a rather large group of people from all over the country, and his attention to detail was incredible.  He created itineraries for everyone, complete with scheduled events, themed parties, excursions, and dinner reservations.  He even created some great hashtags for the trip:  #gayforthestay #hereforthed #livelaughlube.   I loved going on a trip where I didn’t do all the planning for once.  And, I have to admit, Dan is even more organized and more of a planner than I am (just one of the many things I love about him).

I could write an entire book about this adventure, but I’ll try to stick to the highlights.  The trip began on a Sunday morning.  Twenty-six of us chartered a party bus to the port in Miami.  Needless to say, we arrived at the port in good spirits and ready to get the party rolling.


Once on board the ship, Dan arranged for a group meeting where we would meet everyone in the group, exchange contact information, and receive itineraries for the week.  From there, we were on our own to begin our vacation.  Prior to the trip, the Man Child and I placed a bid on an upgraded suite in Norwegian’s The Haven.  Just a couple days before the cruise, we learned Norwegian accepted our bid, and we received an upgrade to a spa suite, with our own private hot tub and private butler.  The room was amazing!


I would definitely recommend booking in The Haven if you ever travel on Norwegian Cruise Lines.  We had expedited check-in at the port, VIP disembarkation at all ports, private concierge for booking any reservations, a private restaurant, private bar, and a private pool area.  Plus, our butler was available 24 hours a day, and catered to our every need.

Our first day was a day at sea.  We took time to explore the ship and relax with our friends.  For the first afternoon, Dan arranged a hilarious scavenger hunt, which included taking photo with a man in a skimpy speedo.  The Man Child’s team won the scavenger hunt… and, not surprisingly, the Man Child even convinced their new, speedo-adorning friend to join us at the post party.


Check out some of our photos from the beginning of the trip below.  Up next, our first port of call, Roatan, Honduras!


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