I’m back!!

It’s been over a year since I’ve had the time to sit down and write, and I really miss it.  With so many new adventures on the horizon in 2017, I figured now is the time to get back to it.  I love to write, but I never have the time.  At least, that’s my excuse.  I’m too busy working.  I’m too busy traveling.  I’m too busy being.  Enough!  There’s always time for things that are important to you.  I pride myself on my time management skills.  I need to stop making excuses.  This year, my goal is to make more time for those things that I care about most.  I will make more time for 1) my family, 2) my friends, and 3) my writing.

To bring you back up to speed, the Man Child and I kept extremely busy (there’s that word again) in 2016.  Our business grew exponentially, and we used travel as our escape.  With continuing advances in technology, we have found it quite easy to travel and work at the same time.  In fact, the Man Child gets more work done on vacation than he does in the office.  Though, I often wish he would put the email down and really soak up the adventures.  I work to travel.  If I could not travel, I am not sure I could make it through a “workday.”  I use quotes to describe “workday” because as a small business owner, my hours are anything but regular.  I often work weekends, early mornings, and late nights.  However, I do all this so I can take off whenever I want.  I would love to make travel my work, though I worry travel would then lose its allure.  For now, I’m content to run a business with the Man Child and travel at every opportunity we get.

We had so many fun adventures in 2016, it would be impossible to go through them all.  I will leave you with some photos of my favorite memories from the past year, and I look forward to sharing our future adventures with you!

Key West (half marathon) – Jan. 2016


Disney – Feb. 2016



Colorado (Keystone and Denver) – March 2016



Fort Lauderdale (Tortuga Musica Festival) – April 2016



San Francisco (Bay to Breakers 15k) and Napa – May 2016


Key West (fishing trip) – May 2016


Oregon – July 2016


D.C. (Ridiculous Obstacle Race) – August 2016



Bimini, Bahamas – September 2016



Greenville, SC – September 2016



Seattle – October 2016



Vancouver – October 2016



Hawaii (Ragnar Relay) – October 2016



Costa Rica – December 2016



Houston – December 2016





Universal Studios Orlando – December 2016



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