I’m on a boat!

Where the heck did the Man Child go?  And, why do I always end up asking myself that question?  Living with Jim Jenkins really is like living with a man child, hence the nickname.  A couple weeks ago, the Man Child and I went out to the beach with our friends to celebrate Summer birthdays.  At some point, I realized that he was nowhere to be seen… and, I hadn’t seen him in quite some time.  I asked some friends if they had seen the Man Child, and one of them pointed to the horizon and jokingly said, “he’s probably making friends with people out on that boat.”


I laughed, but quickly dismissed that thought.  Yet, about 30 minutes later, I still hadn’t seen or heard him.  When I looked out at the same boat, I recognized the mannerisms of one of the people on the boat.  Those mannerisms definitely belonged to the Man Child!  So, I decided to swim out there and see who he had made friends with this time, because I did not recognize that boat!

In fact, the Man Child had made a new friend.  (Though, he claims he had met the guy once before).  And, we all benefitted from his friendliness!

Life is always an adventure when the Man Child is involved.

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