Ein Prosit

With it being Oktoberfest season, it seemed the local Hofbräuhaus timed it’s opening perfectly.  The Man Child couldn’t wait to dress up in his lederhosen, drink beer out of liter,  and eat German food.  Of course, we had to make it out for opening night… and, our table for 5 quickly turned into a table for 25.  We never go anywhere without friends.  If we do go alone, the Man Child is always quick to meet someone new.


We had a great time!  If you’re in the Tampa Bay area and love German food, definitely make the trip to the Hofbräuhaus in St. Pete.  It has much of the same vibe as the original Hofbrauhaus in Munich.  The bar was constructed with wood imported from Germany, and the building looks fantastic. Of course, the staff are all dressed in the traditional German lederhosen and dirndls.  But, the best part is dancing and singing along with the band while you dine on traditional German food and beer.  Prost!

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