Key West Brewfest

When you live with Jim Jenkins, you are always on the go…leaving little time for activities like sleeping, cleaning the house, and blogging about living with Jim Jenkins.  It’s been two weeks since our Key West adventure, and this is the first free moment I have had to write about that trip.  Some of you may know that the Man Child and I love Key West.  It is the perfect getaway when you just want to escape for the weekend.  Being only an hour plane ride from Tampa, we make the trip several times a year.  So, when Silver Airways ran a deal where flights were only $65 each way, we couldn’t resist a spontaneous trip.  Plus, it was the Man Child’s birthday weekend and Key West Brewfest!

"Does this bag match my outfit?"

“Does this bag match my outfit?”

When you travel with the Man Child, you never travel alone.  He makes friends everywhere he goes.    Just a few minutes after our arrival at the airport, I turned around and captured this photo:

The Man Child's new friend.

The Man Child’s new friend.

No.  He did not know that guy before this moment.  Though he quickly made friends.  This is a common theme among all our trips.  Below is a picture of our friend, Edwin.  We met him 3 years ago…in the airport…on the way to Key West.


And, when Edwin found out we were heading to Key West for this last trip, he decided to join us again… so did our friend Mike. (Key West is always better with friends)!


But, wait.  There’s more.  When we arrived in Key West, I received a message that my friend Caterina was also in Key West.  We met her 3 years ago…in the airport…on the way to Key West.  Of course, we had to meet up for a drink.


On our first day in Key West, I realized that I forgot my bathing suit.  The last thing I wanted to do on my vacation was go bathing shopping.  Ugh!  Of course, the Man Child had no interest in shopping with me, and after about 15 minutes, I could tell he was getting bored. So, I sent him to grab lunch and a drink.  After he was gone, it only took me 5 minutes to find a bathing suit.  Yet, when I met up with him just a few minutes after that, he had already made a new friend.  Derek, the bartender at Margaritaville, had family just a few miles from us back home.  The Man Child really has a gift for making friends.

We spent the weekend relaxing by the pool (with Edwin and Mike), snorkeling at the reef (the Man Child befriended the boat captain), listening to great music (performed by our friend Ben), and sampling local beer (with our friends Alan and Sam).  But, we couldn’t leave town without stopping to see our friend Patrick at the Conch Flyer in the Key West airport.  All in all, I really enjoyed this Key West adventure with the Man Child, and I cannot wait for my next one.

How can you not love Key West?!?!

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