Live Long and Prosper

This week’s adventure began three months ago.  Sometime in May, the Man Child and I were in his car on our way to dinner when we received a phone call from his mom.  She had big news.  The Tampa Bay Rays were having a Star Trek night on August 28th!  We had to act quickly, because she did not want those tickets to sell out… Yes, you read that right.  Sell out.  The Tampa Bay Rays! on Star Trek night!

Two nights later, the Man Child received a phone call from his dad that went something like this:

Dad: Son, did you buy the tickets to the Star Trek game yet?

Man Child: Dad, it’s 3 months away!  And, it’s not going to sell out.

Dad: You’re mom really wants to go and dress in costume.  You better buy the tickets.

The following week, I received a phone call from my mom.  She had spoken to the Man Child’s mom and could not wait to come to the Star Trek game.  My dad was also extremely excited about the game.  I better buy tickets right away… So, I bought 6 tickets to an August 28th Tampa Bay Rays game in the Star Trek section.  After all, our parents could not wait to get their foam fingers!!

Fast forward to August 28th – It’s time for the big game!!  Our parents called to tell us they were on the way to our house.

The Man Child’s mom: We are on our way.

The Man Child:  Ok.  Park in guest parking.

The Man Child’s mom:  I can’t hear you with my Vulcan ears on.  I have to go.

Everyone was all dressed up and ready to go (yes, we did go out to dinner in downtown St. Pete with costumes on).

My dad and mother in law with the Man Child.

My dad and mother in law with the Man Child

“Vulcans show no emotion.”

When we arrived at the game, we saw everyone dressed in their team colors as to be expected.  We did not see any other Star Trek characters.  When we finally got to our seats, there were three Klingons roaming the hall.  Besides them, we were the only ones in costume.


In the end, I think our parents had a great time, and I had several hours of entertainment.  The Man Child had some thoughts on the game too:


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