Jenkins Law-lapalooza

Even though I haven’t written in 10 days, I have not forgotten about Living with Jim Jenkins.  When you live with the Man Child, time can often escape you.  (Perhaps, that explains why the Man Child is always late…a pet peeve of mine, by the way).  We spent the last week keeping busy at work and rushing around in preparation for Jenkins Law-lapalooza and the release of the Indecent Exposure Pineapple IPA (our collaboration with Pair O’ Dice Brewing).

So, what is Jenkins Law-lapalooza?  Well, to explain this event, I must start at the beginning.  Sometime shortly after Pair O’ Dice Brewing opened their tasting room in 2013, the Man Child began lobbying for a Jenkins Law collaboration beer.  He even had a name for the beer… the Indecent Exposure.  At this point, the Man Child did not know what type of beer he wanted, and he certainly did not know anything about brewing beer (Still not sure he knows much about that.  Check out our brew day adventure here).  Even so, the Man Child did not give up on his dream of having a beer named after him.  With the help of creative brewers, talented musicians, and his supportive wife (me) , he began planning an event to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of our law firm.  And so, Jenkins Law-lapolooza was born.

The First Pour of Indecent Exposure Pineapple IPA



Full tasting room, and the brewery was full too!

To those of you who made the event, we greatly appreciate all of your support.  We had a great turnout, and we were able to raise $562 for the Dunedin Doggie Rescue!  A special thank you to Pair O’ Dice Brewing for making the Man Child’s dream a reality.  A huge shoutout to the bands Row Jomah and NoNeed for rocking the place.  This may need to become an annual event!!

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