Adventures in Asheville

Whenever we get a chance, the Man Child and I travel.  We love exploring new cities, eating the local cuisine, checking out local breweries, and meeting new people.  We have so many points with various travel partners that we often travel for free, or at least, cheaply.

Last week, we took a short weekend trip to Asheville with some friends for my birthday.  Of course, the Man Child entertained the entire group for the duration of the trip.  For whatever reason, I thought it would be a great idea to choose a 6:30am flight to Asheville on the morning after my birthday.  The Man Child is not a morning person.  Mornings are the only times he is quiet, and he was hoping to get some sleep on the plane.  Unfortunately for him, he sat next to Mr. Chatty.  Good.  A dose of his own medicine.  I left him to entertain Mr. Chatty while I took a brief nap.

When we arrived in Asheville, we went straight to meet our friends and get the party started.  As it was still only 9am, we decided to take a walk through Biltmore Village and check out Appalachian Vintner, a cool specialty wine and beer store with a bar inside.  We browsed their impressive selection of local beer for bottles to bring back for our friends at home and found some great stuff.  We loved the staff their too.  They were able to answer all our questions and even let us sample some of the local drafts.  When we were done, we headed downtown to grab some lunch at Wicked Weed Brewery and sample some of their beer.  From there, we spent the afternoon wandering around downtown, exploring the local breweries (Wicked Weed Funkatorium, and Burial Beer Co were two favorites our ours), and trying to convince the Man Child to rap for us (a secret talent of his). That’s pretty much how we spent our entire weekend:  food, beer, friends, and, of course, dancing with Jim Jenkins.  I even captured a few videos of the Man Child dancing.

When you travel with the Man Child, you never know what to expect.  On our last day in Asheville, we walked two miles to check out 12 Bones Smokehouse.


But, after all that food, we didn’t want to walk the two miles back to downtown as it was uphill and hot.  We called Uber, and it turned into a unique adventure for sure.  When our Uber car arrived, the Man Child became instant friends with him.  Somehow, over the course of the two mile drive, the Man Child convinced the driver to spend the rest of the day with us and drop us off at the airport after.  The driver recommended some cool, local spots for us to check out and even gave me a hand massage for my birthday (not weird because he works full time as a massage therapist).  He ultimately suggested we spend the afternoon at Sierra Nevada Brewery’s new facility.  If you’re in the Asheville area, Sierra Nevada is a must see.  Gorgeous facility, great beer, and incredible food.

Check out the rest of our adventure in photos below:

The Man Child convinced the bartender at Asheville Brewing to join us after her shift.

The Man Child convinced the bartender at Asheville Brewing to join us after her shift.

Green Man Brewing

Green Man Brewing

Beer tasting at One World Brewing.  Samples for everyone!

Beer tasting at One World Brewing. Samples for everyone!

The Man Child asking to be searched by TSA.

The Man Child asking to be searched by TSA.

Seriously.  This stuff only happens when you travel with Jim Jenkins.

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