Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s been surprisingly quiet in the Jenkins household the past couple weeks.  Well, quiet for us anyway.  I have really been trying to dial in my nutrition and focus on my workouts.  The Man Child couldn’t care less about his nutrition.  He just eats whatever I cook.  I wake up thirty minutes early every morning to make him breakfast, while he sleeps in.  I also pack him a lunch.  And, I try to arrange my schedule to get home early enough to cook dinner for him.  Can you tell I am a planner?  The Man Child is the complete opposite.  He tries to wreak havoc on my planning.  He is always trying to convince me to eat out (Mexican, Brazilian Steakhouses, the new brewery down the street), and he usually wins.  He knows I hate sitting around the house and not doing anything, and he uses that to his advantage.

The past week has been different.  We stayed in more.  We caught up on some tv shows that we usually do not have time to watch.  We cooked more homemade meals (well, I cooked more homemade meals).  I blame the rain.  It seems like we have not seen the sun here for a while.  I don’t mine a little rain, but when people are kayaking down the street, enough’s enough.

Even though the rain put a damper on some of our plans, the Man Child didn’t let it get him down.  Yesterday, the sun came out for a little while, so we ventured out of the house to attend an outdoor concert.  It looks like a beautiful evening…


Though the sky looks clear, it was actually pouring on us.  Not just your typical, brief Florida summer storm.  It rained for hours.  That didn’t stop the Man Child from doing some dancing in the rain…

Here he is trying to convince some friends to come out from under the beer tent and join him in the rain:

We left the concert wet and muddy, but we had a great time… even though we had to wait in line for an hour and 17 minutes to get a beer (seriously inefficient and poor planning by the venue).

Until I started this blog, I did not realize how much the Man Child likes to dance.  At the suggestion of some friends, I think I am going to start a special series of posts titled “Dancing with Jim Jenkins.”  It is sure to be entertaining.

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