D.C. Trip Part 2: In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

Day 2

Our second day in D.C. was the Fourth of July.  The Man Child really wanted to see some of the sights, and I wanted to get at least an hour long workout in before any festivities.  We compromised by choosing a run down toward and along the Mall.  With it being the 4th, many of the roads and sights were blocked off.  This interfered a little bit with our route, but it was also awesome to run down the empty (closed to traffic) roads in the middle of the city.  (Tourists were beginning to line the streets to stake out the best spot for the fireworks show that evening…12 hours early!!  Crazy tourists!)  About 2 miles into our route, it began to drizzle.  Perfect!  I love running in the rain, especially in the summer!


We ran by the White House, the Washington Monument, and along the Potomac (sorry for the blurry photos, the rain interfered with my lens, and with the Man Child, one is always on the move).

“Just scoping out potential new office space.” – The Man Child


The Man Child had a few things to say outside the Federal Reserve.

“With the amount I’ve paid in student loans, I should own this building.” – The Man Child

We started to run toward the Supreme Court, but the Man Child had to stop to take a 5 minute bathroom break, in a port a potty.  Yuck!  But, also typical.  At this point, our 4 mile run had already turned into 6, and we were still 3 miles from the apartment.  We needed to pick up the pace or we were not going to make our brunch reservation!  We bailed on the Supreme Court (spoiler alert: we check it out the next day), and ran through the now downpour back to the apartment.


We spent the rest of the day celebrating, relaxing, making s’mores dip, and watching the fireworks from our friends’ rooftop.  What an awesome day!

Brunch at Masa 14

Brunch at Masa 14

Rooftop Party

Rooftop Party

S'mores dip.  Don't judge!

S’mores dip. Don’t judge!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *    *

Day 3

Our last day in D.C. involved a golf outing, a trip to Georgetown, and dinner with great friends.  I won’t bore you with the details, but we had a great day.  The Man Child, of course, provided plenty of entertainment, particularly on the golf course.  He had not even held a golf club since he was about 8, but that did not stop him from jumping right in at the driving range.  Check out the video of his golf skills here: Look out Tiger Woods!

So, maybe golf isn’t his sport.  No big deal.  He made sure everyone else out there had a great time, and he came up with some creative ways to play golf.


A new form of golf…


“I bought beer for everyone!”

I really do love that Man Child.  He always makes people smile.  And yes, he did wear the same shirt 3 days in a row…

After golf, we spent some more time touring the city and caught up with an old friend for dinner.

Supreme Court selfie

Supreme Court selfie

Justice.  Liberty.  Jenkins Law.

Justice. Liberty. Jenkins Law.


Another great adventure in Living with Jim Jenkins…

In typical lawyer fashion, the Man Child has requested a rebuttal.  Look for a post from him coming soon.

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