Somewhere over the Rainbow

I often wonder where the Man Child gets his energy from.  After a long weekend of trying to keep up with him, I am exhausted.  We had a blast participating in the St. Pete Pride 5k, Parade, and Street Festival, and of course, the Man Child was in rare form all weekend.

We started the weekend with The St. Pete Pride 5k.  With the temperatures reaching into the upper 80s by race start and the course being long (3.3 miles), it was not one of my fastest 5ks.  Though the Man Child and I both finished with wins in our respective age groups.  And, yes, for those wondering, the Man Child did beat me.  Have to give him credit for that.


After the 5k, we stuck around for the Stiletto Sprint and post race party.  No, the Man Child did not participate in the Stiletto Sprint.  Sorry to disappoint you!  I did capture these great photos though:


Overall, it was a great race and even better post race party.  I would definitely run this race again.

After the race, we headed home to change and get ready for the parade.  We were lucky to have some amazing friends walk with us in the parade, and I wanted to thank them by throwing pre-parade party.  We had a great time, but I may have gone overboard on the food.  Looks like the Man Child and I will be eating only hamburgers and sausages for the next month… And,of course, no party is complete without an epic face painter (the Man Child’s idea)!


We truly had an amazing time walking in the parade for the second year in a row.  For those who have never made it out to the parade, the St. Pete Pride Parade is the biggest pride parade in the southeast, and the energy is incredible.  I highly recommend checking it out one year!

11700929_1005635149476920_7754901288309179551_nGetting ready to walk!

11667540_948567835574_8696528034351709540_n The Man Child wanted to photo with the police cars.

By the time the parade ended, we cleaned up, and grabbed some food, it was after 2am, leaving us just over 4 hours to sleep before we had to return for the street festival and day 2.  This year’s street festival was huge with over 250,000 attendees.  The festival included live music, food and beer trucks, a zip line, body painters, a water slide, several hundred exhibitors, plus so much more!  In all of the chaos, the Man Child still found himself making new friends and attracting a good deal of attention.

Here he is with a friend of ours being interviewed for Gay TV (“I’m kind of a local celebrity”- The Man Child):


And, he just could not leave the police officers alone.  I am pretty sure he was detaining them:


He discovered a new drink called “Jenkins Juice.”  The Man Child now knows every personal detail of every employee of the cafe which serves Jenkins Juice:


During all this, I was developing a new skill.  If I ever decide to quit lawyering, I have a promising career as a temporary tattoo artist:


In all seriousness, I am thankful for all our friends (old and new) who came out to walk with us and volunteer for the weekend.  Thank you for making this another great weekend in Living with Jim Jenkins.


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