What’s that Smell?!

What’s that smell?!?!  Unfortunately, this is a phrase I find myself saying all too often in living with Jim Jenkins.  Over the years, I have learned to identify certain smells.  Sometimes, the smell emanates from the Man Child’s old running shoes which he often wears sock-less.  Sometimes, the smell emanates from the laundry the Man child started, then left wet in the washer for days.  And, sometimes, the smell emanates from the tupperware containing the Man Child’s lunch which has been sitting in the hot car for the past week.  Today, the smell was different.

As a morning person, I am often the first person to arrive at the office.  This morning was no different.  As I opened the front door, I immediately noticed an overwhelming dank, musty smell.  I quickly covered up the smell with air freshener and got to work.  This seemed to help the problem, because when the Man Child arrived at the office, he did not notice the smell.  However, our firm administrator (the Enforcer) arrived just a few minutes later, and he immediately exclaimed, “what’s that smell?!”

After a thorough inspection of the office, the Enforcer noticed a leak in the ceiling.  So, of course, the Man Child needed to investigate it.


Still unable to determine the source of the leak and being not particularly handy, he decided to check the air conditioning unit.  Though he was too short to reach it…


Hopefully, he will find the source of the leak soon.  I have enough smells in my life, and hope to get rid of this one as soon as possible.  At least we know that the smell is not coming from his dirty, old sneakers… unless he also has those hidden somewhere in his office.

Just another day in Living with Jim Jenkins!

P.S. the Man Child does not like being referred to as “the Man Child.”  I may have to work on a new nickname.

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