It’s Alive!

Holy crap!  It’s alive!  The blog that is… A first blog post is difficult.  How do you describe something that has become your life over the past 11 years?  Sometimes, words just are not enough to express the emotions, friendships, and memories that we have developed over the past 11 years.  Living with Jim Jenkins (the Man Child) is always an adventure.  He and I are polar opposites.  We have some common interests, but our personalities are entirely diverse.  He is brilliant and hilarious.  He treats each day as a blank canvas.  He is chronically late because he stops to talk to every one.  He thrives off chaos.  On the other hand, I plan out each minute of my day.  I am never late.  I need structure.  I may not follow the structure, but I need to know there are guidelines in place.  I need organization.

Now that the get to know us is out of the way, let’s get the adventure started.  Today is Father’s Day, and the perfect place to begin our story. So… this morning, I was on my way to brunch with the Man Child, when he called his dad to wish him a happy Father’s Day.  Thanks to technology, I heard the entire conversation over blue tooth.  His dad immediately asked to talk to me.  Conversation went something like this:

The Man Child: Hey Dad! Just wanted to call and congratulate you on having an awesome son like me.  And, Happy Father’s Day.

Jim’s Dad: Thanks, son.  Can I talk to Kelly-Ann?

The Man Child:  She’s here on speaker.

Jim’s Dad:  Hey.  Kelly-Ann.  Just wanted to thank you for taking care of our son.  I know he is difficult.  We are lucky to have you taking care of him.

Me:  Thanks.  Love you too.

The Man Child:  I don’t like your tone, Dad.

From there, the conversation progressed into a debate on the merits of the Nuremburg trials. After brunch, we stopped by our favorite local brewery, Pair O’ Dice Brewing, to try their new white stout (amazing) and meet some old and new friends.  When we got home, Kona (the Bad Dog) drank my beer, Leo (the Good Dog) hid, and the Man Child slept on the couch.

Today was just a low key day, but my father in law perfectly summed up Living with Jim Jenkins.  Stay tuned for the real adventures with Living with Jim Jenkins.

3 thoughts on “It’s Alive!

  1. Loving every bit of this!! Will definitely be following along and hoping for some lost hours thrown in the mix which,with your man child, is inevitable!! Love you crazy DINKs!

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  2. Whaat.can…i…say!? I love Kellyann and Jim…yes, you must pay total attention when speaking to Jim or you may be in a different conversation as quickly as you take a sip of your favorite local crap beer but he is always entertaining and often mentally exhausting trying to keep up with what spews out of his mouth but you can’t help but love him ( and shake your head at the ‘patience of a saint’ Kellyann exudes). Jim has never met as stranger but has yet to meet the elusive Tarpon…or Marlin…(who is counting since he did meet some nice Mahi-Mahi) …but that will ensure more fishing trips with Bryan and me as well as Jim and my fishing buddy/drinking buddy Kellyann while our men try to catch fish!


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